3D GLSL Stealth Action Game

################## Update: Check out my second game that I am now working on.

Its called Impervious

If you still wana play Life Claimer, you can still download it where it has been as my index.htm:



Didnt u post this game months ago?

Hah. Somebody’s paying attention. Yea im just trying to reel in a few more subscribers for my next game coming out. Its gona be tight. It’l feature jetpacks, telekinesis, ragdoll physics, and of course, shooting.

thats some unoriginal game-design…

this game actually uses no GLSL, even though the game graphics may be set to it. it uses hardly any shaders and no normal maps that I saw. although, it seemed like there was a sensor that detected when you got near light. that was kind of cool.

@KelynC: So how did you know where the sensors were located? I thought once a game was packaged, you could not look at the code?

that is correct, you cannot look at the code or sensors once the .blend file is packaged. however, there were no specualarity shaders or normal maps in the game. I did notice a slight glint on the gun, but that was about it. technically, this does not use the benefits provided by GLSL shaders and therefore would not be considered a game that uses GLSL.

Life Claimer doesn’t take full advantage of GLSL but the gameplay is based around it. Correct me if I’m wrong but without GLSL I wouldn’t be able to use dynamic lighting. And what’s a stealth game without shadows!?!?

Did you make all this alone? There must have been a lot of work.

I think you’re in a solid path, but this game needs lets say 70% of polishing and improvement. Good work so far.

Please, your making me blush… It isnt the best game in the world but I think I did an ok job on it considering its only the first game I’ve made. My second game that I’m working on is going to be MUCH better. I’m talking guns, jetpacks, telekinesis, and ragdoll physics. I don’t have any footage up yet but there will be soon. Just go to my website, WWW.Funistan.t35.com or subscribe to me in some way.

LOL very true

ur web site doesn’t work

Thanks for letting me know. My website is back up and running on my new site: http://www.funistan.zxq.net enjoy

dude toturial "D

I just released the .blend on my website. The link is at the top of this post. Enjoy

I tried to play but i got some problems with movement, the character refused to turn. Its was moving to all directions but did not rotate towards the direction it was moving and made it look very ackward.

Forgot to mention it was made in version 2.49

oh yeah, this a one perfect game

Wait till you see my next game

@goshfather: Can you post the BLEND I’m not really a facebook person so I can’t get it from the provided link?