3D Go-Kart Madness

In making a 3D stereoscopic short sketch, I made a few blender animations to go with the title screen and credits, they are supposed to be stylized, simple design and animations of go-karts, not meant to convey anything sensible beyond that.

You can watch the youtube full sketch here, available in stereoscopic 3D
You can watch just the blender animations on facebook (you don’t need to be logged in to view this page)

Despite all the tests, I’ve still never been able to get the smoke simulator work well for me. Other than that and very long render times for each scene, it all went fairly smoothly. Any comments or critiques are welcomed, though it’s fairly simple overall.

~Patrick W. Crawford

smoke sim is a pain. Overall, these are nice animations. Tough to critique without your knowing your goal, is this for a racing video, or advertisement or what?

first link shows exactly what it is, it’s just something nice to put in the background of some credits :slight_smile:
I feel like the smoke sim works fine on its own, but tends to muck up somehow when you try to make it do anything else. Am I the only one who wished that the realtime “preview” of the smoke was what is rendered? Because majority of the time it looks a lot better :confused:

Then it works pretty well. If you are displeased, then it’s kind of slow, could either reanimate with faster motion, camera shake, or reedit, with quick scene transitions, (switch to head cam, switch to birds-eye cam, switch to side view, back and forth chop chop chop) but overall, it works.

And I agree about the smoke sim.