I just uploaded my new page about 3d-graphic. :smiley:

In the moment there is not that much. Just some pictures I made and some examples of wood materials.

You can find it here: http://3d-graphic.hachmeister.org/

Cool I like it, has a nice “light” feel too it. its given me ideas for how I want to do my new site.


very well organized :slight_smile:


hi karsten!

you got a really nice site. The wood textures look pretty realistic, i think i’ll try them! :slight_smile:


I like your website. As others have said. Nicely organized. Why can’t the “pro” sites take a lesson from stuff like this? Whitespace! It’s so calming and easy to look at/navigate.

Karsten! I like the use of white space too ’ less is more’ it gives the nice calming look over it. Too much and it just confuses and annoys.
Good one! :smiley:

Thanks for your compliments.

I hope to fill some of the ‘white space’ in the future. I mean to write some tutorials and publish some images.

I have to echo the sentiments of the others here- good design, concise and to the point without any visual clutter. Nice wood samples.