3D Guitar Animation and Modeling

Hi folks,

this is a personal project I started long time ago in my free time and finally had the guts to get it done.

Based on my own 7 String Ibanez RG7321 everything is done in blender.
Shading/texturing and rendering done with Eevee.
I used pictures of my own guitar as reference and as a texture source - edited in Photoshop.
Overall I aimed for a more believeable used look and didn’t want to end up too clean.
This guitar is made for evil tones and shrouded in darkness, so I went on with a mysterious look and feel and created a dark scene where this monster ermeges from and vanishes back in to the void.

Little postproduction in After Effects/Premiere Pro - most was done directly in blender.

I have to apologize the poor compression quality youtube creates, even rendering and uploading it in 2560*1440 and high data rate. The blackness and smoke is giving youtube a hard time and isn’t handled to well.


Animated Teaser on youtube

(best to watch in 1440p)



For full quality in 1080p feel free to download the teaser here:
dropbox - Ibanez-RG7321 Teaser.mov



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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you very much Bart! Makes me happy :slight_smile: