3d Human Model Done In Blender [OLD] See new!!

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I think the fingers are too long. Also could you post your reference pic.

Here you are: [ATTACH=CONFIG]130020[/ATTACH]
I thought the fingers were too long as well!

Ok, I shortened the fingers.

Finger looks much better. By simple do you mean its going to be a low poly mesh?

Yes, it is going to be a low poly mesh, I might even use it for a game… actually, I had to remove the fingers because the loop cuts were going through the whole mesh, making the legs and arms look flat.
I forgot to tell you, incase you don’t know, to use the background image, go to: <view> background image. Select ‘load image’ and choose the pic I uploaded.

[EDIT] I’ve added the fingers again and used a sun lamp to make it look nice


respect! you really want to take up the challenge and start with the human body… I guess that is one of the most difficult things to do because our eye is trained to like or dislike the shape of humans even if there are little differences. In order to really get started I guess you should look for wires of other models and maybe get some more research on edgeloops and edgeflow. Lowpoly chars are even more sophisticated to do than high poly (Because you have to place your polys very precise and make some really nice textures). Try to find some reference from actual game model exports (World of Warcraft or Torchlight). Look how they did it and start over.

General advice for organic models… if you struggle with form, try to post a wire (or a solid wire) so ppl can send you their comments on edgeloops and poles.

Anyhow I wish you progress and good luck… never stop learning.

Thanks, but to me, lowpoly is the easiest because you can subsurf, and stuff like that. I wouldn’t dare high poly simply because my computer isn’t powerful enough. This picture shows how I modeled:[ATTACH=CONFIG]130032[/ATTACH]
The left is the model with the reference image, the right shows that I used lowpoly with subsurf and mirror on. I will also remodel the head. Plus, I think I’ll just use it for animations, because I’m not experienced with the GE, only the modelling and animation side of Blender.
I don’t really know much about WOW, since the only games I play are: Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and a couple of others.

Hi !

The mod is cool but maybe you should consider modeling it as if the character were naked. I mean the feet you’ve modeled are big because the character wears shoes on the background image, so maybe you could make them a bit more small and then create some clothes ? Just an idea, good job !

(reminds me I should learn characters modeling…damn !:D)

I’ve added a head and some toes for the feet. I’m troubled by how I could make the toes, because subdividing only makes the feet look blocky:(. Any tips? Thanks
Blocky feet:
Test Render:

Try this :
In edit mode from your screenshot, have only the vertice from the toes selected.
Then press the Smooth button in the Mesh Tools panel a few time, it should “round” the blocky toes where you subdivided


Thank you!:slight_smile: I did what you said and it worked brilliantly!
Here’s the picture:[ATTACH=CONFIG]130125[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]130127[/ATTACH]
I also added an armature.
Another Render:[ATTACH=CONFIG]130126[/ATTACH]

Yet another update, this time I posed the model and added a ball to make it look like he missed the ball. I used a marble texture and motion blur. I’ll need to experiment with the motion blur a little bit, because you can see the blur layers.