3D Ibis Character Animation

This is a google video (for ease of viewing) of my 3D Ibis character. I completed the character modeling and rigging a few months ago, but decided to try some more stylized shading for this animation. This is currently intended to be part of my personal art portfolio. Please lend your feedback.

I think some objects in the environment would be helpful. Note the beak and the feathers are not shadeless (like the other textures). Does this detract from the cohesiveness?


Quite frankly there is very little of what I would call “character animation” in here. The ibis
hardly moves. Try thinking where you want to go with this, and then utilizing animation to
it’s best to get you there. As it is now, it could just as well be done as a single image,
since there is not really any significant movement.

Just my 2 cents. Keep it up!


Thanks for the no-nonsense feedback… my friends are too nice and I’ve been increasingly more excited with some of my blender progress. You’re right: I need to spend the same effort on the motion as I did with the modeling (or I’m almost better off with a still image).

With this being a slightly older project (when I was learning some more basic things about blender), it’s largely saved by the toon edges and the stylized rendering. I will give it one last effort on the animation (to have a nice short) before moving to my next project. Hope to be back soon with some more polished stuff (perhaps I’ll try spending some time in WIP before coming back – kinda new here). Mathias, your work is very inspiring!