3d icon that looks like vector art! (see first post)

I’m being both. On one hand with so many people saying they thought it was just 3D (as opposed to vector) I thought I’d make a ripple… on the other hand it does actually look like those vector graphics. It’s easy to assume “just use toon shader” etc etc, but in reality these simple looking effects often have a lot more to them than meets the eye.

For this reason, a step by step setup showing your thinking and workflow (the “why” of each step) to achieve the goal you wanted could be useful… much more useful than just the end result material & lighting settings. If you did it well enough, the tutorial could be a good contribution to the BlenderArt magazine.

P.S. You can make a bit of dosh the other way around. There are vector studios who pay for vector artwork clipart etc… and artists specialising in quality of this media are relatively few. By converting Blender renders into SVG you have a real head start on it looking at least half decent.

Oh, here’s an ACTUAL vector I made in illustrator… (I’m a vector artists, that’s why I’m intrigued with making real 3d vectors, is there a way to convert renders to SVGs? I though I’d have to trace it?)


I dont get it, my idea of vector images are whats described here, and here about SVG files.

So no matter what the image, its impossible to tell whether its a vector image just by looking at it. You have to zoom in, and if the resolution is maintained without that ‘blocky pixel’ effect then it would be a vector image.

So no, it just looks like a couple of CGI cubes with a slight toon shading applied to them to me. Idk…

Edit I had a feeling Id seen articles about vector images and SVG rendering with Blender on Blendernation a while back, might be handy:

Just how much Adobe and Autodesk software have you pirated, killer? Well, anyway, the gaussian filter tends to need higher blur values to blur the same as the box filter, so increase that and it will look quite like the actual vector art you just made. Aside from the stroke-like outlines (hoping for freestyle soon).

@AD-Edge: I’m not talking about just “vector graphics” I’m talking about the art that’s done using vector paths. Often times referred to as Vector Art or Illustrations. Here’s a few examples of vector ART vs 3d MODELS


3D Cog

Notice the realistic shading, reflects, and refractions of a 3d model?


Notice the shiny unrealistic shading. Like most Vector ART it’s very glossy and sparkly (this is the style I’m going for)



Now can you tell a difference between 3d ART and vector ART

once again (in case i didn’t emphasize the ART enough, I’m not talking about vector graphics I’m talking about vector ART)

Would it be possible to achieve similar results using the toon shader?

With the reflective cogwheels, do not use raymirror. See how it complicates the image with inter-reflections? Use an angmap (map input = ref), like a sharp blue to orange gradient. Or silver to blue, as in the image. It will probably look much more like it.

EDIT: Here’s a quick example.


Ya, the site looks 3-d.

Well… whatever =)

I’ll keep messing around (busy with the BWC coming up though ;))

If you are interested in producing actual vector art from Blender renders… what about one of those bitmap to vector conversion utilities?

I’m not, I’m just trying to get something that looks like vector art out of blender.