3d illusion

Someone needs to make a 3d copy of this and see if it still works :stuck_out_tongue:




interesting to say the least


The only way to escape the destructive hypnotic effect of this illusion is to create a 3D version of it in cyberspace and then enter that world through the vortex. Sorry theeth, I did it for your own good :stuck_out_tongue:

wow I think that is the most striking optical illusion I have ever seen. :o

that would make quite a desktop
[more so if you do it to someone else’s system, particularly if either they use a mac or like to have lots of icons there]

just slightly cross your eyes…it stops moving but you do get a slight 3d effect

The reason it appears to move is that you focus your eyes on a seemingly deep vortex and then back to the foreground. That’s why it won’t move if you crossed your eyes… because then you wouldn’t be changing focus as you moved your eyes from dot to dot.

I like optical illusions. I got one in the paper that did a similar thing. Check out this site:


:o this is triping me out :o

Well that last one about ripped my heart out of my chest but im fine now.
The one about the A and B squares being the same shade of grey make no sense because I can plainly tell that they arent. Did anyone else notice this?

if you put 2 copys of a picture next to each other (they should have some depth) and then start to cross your eyes slightly (takes some practice) youll get the impression of seeing only one 3D picture.:o

cant find the link now :expressionless:

Haha dude, take it into paintshop or w/e u use and you will see they are the same colors. Freaky but true 8)

uhhhh… I’ve got an headache… this shit is not healthy.

/me sick. i cant believe my eyes.


Marvel :smiley: Original image here

ColorPic Results: Both are #6A6A6A

Good reminder that we can’t always trust what we “see”.

found the bookmark…
read the instructions >than go to stereo pairs (dont try it with the small one in the instructions)
here it goes:


Some of those illusions just confuse me, sure I liked the first illusion on this topic (pretty circles seeming to rotate). But then that last one got be startled especially since I was looking right at the spinning vortex :o

Bwahahaha! Yeah, the last one’s a trick. The first one is that your eye sees black dots around the white dot you focus on but when you try to count them by looking at them, they turn white so you get dizzy because the black dots keep moving.

The second is a face made from the word liar. Just tilt your head to the right - it’s written across the diagonal.

The elephant and musician ones are self-explanatory.

The best one was the a,b squares. That is mind-boggling. Even when I know they are the same colour. Good job with the image Carnivore - that makes it even more baffling because you can see the gradient change.