3D illustration of promo for the new year

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Hello shrimps)) :shrimp:

Finally, I was able to crawl to instagram))

Made a 3D illustration of promo crypto art for the new year!
It turned out so cute elves - Santa’s lil helpers that I could not resist and decided to put together a post - a drawing for Christmas!! Gifts, sweets, Santa’s house - a wonderful Christmas vacation, can’t wait no more! I love Christmas and New Years, do you?

Made orders for the guys associated with Crypto art! Now I’m thinking about selling cryptoart nft))) Oh, I would still make the animation by letting these kids dance. Or make a custom-made snow globe from polymer clay where snow falls on the tree🌳

The concept of the elf was based on Link from the game The Legend of Zelda . I love this Nintendo Switch game. Basically, the only reason I bought the switch.
I did the illustration in 3D blender and a little Photoshop, Render Cycles. I really enjoyed working on this Santa’s house: lighting, style, color, form - everything turned out exactly as I imagined in my head. How do you like it?

Holidays are getting closer. How do you plan to conduct them? With family? With friends? With a Christmas tree, gifts and garlands, or with a cat? Wherever you are and whatever you do, I hope the upcoming holidays will bring you joy. Do not lose me! Peace out, bubble gum 4 evry1!

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