3d in 64k

I’m sure many of you have seen this before, as it’s been highly pulicized over the past few years.

However, if you haven’t, there is a company that produces astounding 3d movies in .exe that are 64 kilobytes large. These movies are usually 5-10 minutes in length. Very technological-like.

Goto: http://www.farb-rausch.com and click on their “products” link. The most famous is fr-08. If anybody gets fr-022 or fr-027 to work, please tell me how you did it.

Also, worthy to check out is http://www.theparty.dk. This is The Party, the conference that Farb-Rausch created many of these movies for.

What do you think?

Sorry, these are not movies. They are 3d graphics in real time.

Same difference, either way, it’s hard to believe that filesizes are so low.

there incredibly small file sizes but blender movies can be played in a browser :smiley:

Whoa, fr08 has got to be the best 64kb i’ve ever downloaded! :o
(too bad Blender can’t make executables this tiny!)

You have to keep in mind that all of the geometry, textures, and sound are essentially procedrually genereated using very, very, very customized and tweaked code and editing software. Its a whole lot of work to get it that small.

In the end of fr08 it expains how much space the stuff takes up once it generates all of the data, something like 300MB+ of textures, geometry, and sound data.

Impressive work, yes. Practical, not really.

also i think that it uses directx stuff, so if you dont have that it makes the dowload a little bigger:)