3D in VB.net? Is it possible?

If you’ve been fooled by my question and are here to rant about how it is not, please, take a seat.

It’s not exactly Blender, but if I hadn’t used blender all these years, it wouldn’t have happened.

As mentioned in the video, I’d like to refrain from releasing the method for a while…

(rest assured, if you are that interested, it will get out there eventually…)

Well, it looks interesting as a game engine or 3D model viewer beginning, I suppose. Nice.

At the minute, it can already be used for “3D demos” like with mobile phones, etc.

The main objective is the efficiency, potential (networking integration (hence web), minimal requirements (A PC with a monitor and mouse(windows is a prerequisite, but in the consumer market, it is very widely used)).

I’m just happy because this is the first clearly, obviously, completely working thing I’ve made with such potential, and afaik the only time it’s been done in such a way…

and afaik the only time it’s been done in such a way…

I’m not exactly sure what method you use but it appears that you can use opengl in vb.net, so 3D is fairly achievable.

If you want something portable and accessible try java. It was created to run on mobiles and over the web. However with webgl coming along; javascript and html5 are worth a look. Since every platform (smart phones, windows, mac, linux and probably even some TVs these days) have a html5 compliant browser you can deploy straight to a web page and let the guys coding the internet browser worry about getting it to work.

OpenGL in vb? I should have researched - this was just to prototype an idea - I used only the built-in stuff… I was just quite happy that it works, but the method has suffered great… criticisms

I wasn’t criticising it, it’s just that I don’t know what the capabilities of it are - if you built in a way to import models and textures, that would be cool.

ah, not from you, from people around me, though the criticisms where given without me defending/explaining the idea…

Silverlight 5 has GPU accelerated API’s that might be worth a look.

The beta is available but I think you need VS 2010. There is a free express version available that can use the API’s.

In the past the beta versions of silverlight have only initially worked with C#. Not sure about this one.


Edit: And a demonstration I just found.