3D Indian Bicycle

Hello, here is my artwork for 3 days. What do you think of it ?


The background is at Kedah, Malaysia :smiley:
I render it using ambiet occlusion. You can can download sorce later because I dont know where to put it.:slight_smile:

Sorry :o
Here is high resolution

Pretty cool but the seat seems too shiny for being in sunlight and the wheels are either flat or imbedded into the concrete. Nice image overall though.

Yep, just fix those two things and the image is going to be perfect, IMO.

i should park the bicyle or make a blur effect
And put it in the direction the road is going

yes that would look really cool! except for there is no person on it…it would still look cool though

the exposure doesn’t quite match the image in the background. try reducing the brightness of the render. not much though - it’s nearly there.

The bike’s just a smidge too sharp for the road it’s sitting on. A couple of pixels of blur before the composite would work wonders.

The modelling and rendering is cool except for the shadow casted on the road which shud hv been darker…

The modelling is excellent, but the materials are too clean and simple IMO. That is especially visible at the wheels. Maybe it’s because of the lighting, but looking at the wheels gives away the fact that it’s a cg. And another thing, how is the bike standing…?
So, just put some dirt, or mud on the wheels and make the metal part of the wheel a bit more metal like…not just gray…
Again, the modelling is excellent, you just need to fix some details, and the things the others said and it will look great…