3D Interactive Chat Engine


I want to know if it’s possible to script a 3D interactive chat engine within Blender.

The main reasons why i’m looking to use Blender is because of it’s ability to be imbedded within HTML pages, which is a must for this job…

In the end, I want it to be able to allow users to browse a 3D interactive world, with the ability to interact and talk to other users in realtime.

I don’t except to reach that point anytime soon…I just want to get the chat aspect of it running first…and that’s where I need the help.

What would I need to do this?

mhm… to have chatt with the web plugin is not posible without editing and programing on the webplugin(I dont know annything about that…)
But without the webplugin it is posible.

Not too long ago there was a thread about someone using some kind of multitasking application that could integrate with blender, but for the life of me I don’t know which forum it was in or what it was called or who was working on it. There might be a chance you could do something with that.

Sorry very very vague and not much help.

Hopefully it might jog someone elses memory, and in any case I could be barking totally up the wrong tree.


I’ve been searching through the forums for ages now for what I mentioned, no sign of it, however I found something which may be of interest.


(Interestingly it was done by NOR.J above)


the files are missing, i found this file on my computer that i uploaded.

You could do the following, unless it screws your design: make a web page with two frames, one with the 3D world and one with a ASP or Flash chat. It works, but one would have no “relation” to the other, like no avatars and proximity sensors.

Thanks for the wealth of data!

OK, i’ve talked with the admins of our RP forum, and we’ve decided that it doesn’t have to be web-based.

We were aiming to make it so that members can download the EXE to log into the world…which will be basically a MMORPG…but not very massive (around 15-30 users).
Then we were testing with the 3D test city we made, and then wondered if we could set it up so that the client’s EXE file could simply stream the geometry and texture data from elsewhere…like from .BLEND files uploaded on a webpage so that the members (some who still have 28.8 modems) wouldn’t have to DL a large file, but that’s not nessisary…

I’m a intermediate python programmer…and I know this will require coding…(I don’t have a clue where to begin when programming for networking…but willing to learn…)

Any suggestions on how to implement those plans?

Many people have worked om multiplayer in blender, but non stable ones have been made yet, but i bet it will come. I am working on some network codings, and there were some more people that works to… i am going to sleep now… :slight_smile: