3D Keyframe illustrations

Hey guys!
Here is my finished project done during a cgma course with Ricardo Lima - Keyframe Illustration for Production. The 3D was done in Blender, rendered with cycles.
Hope you like it! :slight_smile:
p.s: I can only upload one image here so if you want to see the other three, check out my Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/niinalina



Really like the composition on this!

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thank you very much Ben! really appreciated :blush:

Thats a pretty intense scene !

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Thanks a lot Joe! :relaxed:

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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I like it more than I should.

Bones don’t hold together after decay, the skeleton won’t keep the classic hanged body pose.

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Very nice work!

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Impressing work

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Nice one! I really like the mood.

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Thank you so much for the feature :heart_eyes:

Thank you! You’re right! Didn’t think about it in that way xD

Thanks a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you leaonard! Appreciate it :pray:

Thanks a lot maciek! :heart:

very well done.it conveys a very dark dystopian vibe.
I really like this!

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Very nice work.
DId you also model the characters?


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Thank you! No I got a Daz model and did the clothing in Marvelous designer :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: