3D Kitchen

Can anyone share some 3d kitchen blend files with me? I need them for my project. I’ll be really grateful, my email: [email protected] THANKS!!

is this post in the correct place?

Maybe he is looking for a finished project of a 3d kitchen ?

So, you’re uh…working on a project made with other people’s work? Interesting.

Check out http://www.blenderman.org/models/kitchen/index.php

Is it just me or is the “3D” part before kitchen not necissary at this forum?

Thanksss very much!!! Akator. Your help has saved my life!!!

Umm… this kind of post 2 days in the finished projects… Does Elysiun have moderators at all?

Nice that you found your kitchen. %|

Isn’t it fairly easy to model your own kitchen? If you can use the knife tool, or just subdivide for that matter, you can make all the deatils in the cupboard doors. And a fridge is just a cube or two. Hell, I could model my kitchen, and I suck…