3d laser scanner (help)

hi guys
i have been looking through websites on building 3d laser scanners
but all of the software i could find cost of $100 or need you to know cc+
if anyone has or knows where you can get it please tell me

the laser scanner i plan to build is just a laser pointer with lens in frount to make vertical line then spin object i wanna scan and record with camera
the split the video into pictures and get rid of background just leaving line
then i don’t know what to do

please help
:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Hey, could not you use a sort of grid in addition of the lens to split your laser in several lines and take one shot?
I don’t remember the english name of this, but in french we call it a “réseau”. Diffraction theory (and experiments) tell a thin grid can split the laser in multiple points.
Godd idead though.

Er, well there it comes another idea. You could also paint a grid or lines on a cello sheet, or a small slide and project it on your models, then you’ll get what you want! It less precise than the laser though…

thats a great idea but how would i get that as a 3d model

If you have a photograph (even two : one face, one side) of your model with some definition lines, you can use them as a blueprint into blender, then construct the main curves on them. This is not as precise as a real 3D scanner, but it can help a lot!

I had read a tutorial to use this method under Amapi a long time ago, I thing the page does no longer exist. But it’s quiet the same as using a blueprint…


I’m currently working on a similar project: Simulated 3D scanner
But instead of starting with the hardware i’m doing the software-side first (the hardware-side is simulated in blender :)) and if it works out i’ll build the hardware for it :wink: