3D - Logic


How long can you get? I got to level 16.
What do you think, does using Blender train your brains so you are better in this?

16 is hard as hell, i got up to 19 tho… 19 is harder :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a pretty damn cool game, i might end up wasting a lot of time with it

It really starts getting tricky when they give you more blank spaces than you need. Harder to judge how many spaces you have to leave for the other colors and stuff. i really can’t figure out 19 at all… and a couple of the colors are virtually indistinguishable for me, so that kinda ups the challenge a bit…

I’ve made it into level 23, when I gave up. Funny game, it is pity that there isn’t entire cube. With all 6 sides it would be much more fun and more choices.

1-16 was easy for me, but im currently stuck at 17… :smiley:

lol woo, stuck on 18

I’m at 16 now. Tis a really cool game!!!

Level 28, and now I’ve got headache :stuck_out_tongue:
It reminds me of designing print circuit board layouts in orcad (like this http://www.elektronika.cg.yu/zoran/eeprom/Eeprom-Dj.png) :frowning:

I thought my score is high, but looks like it sucked. :smiley: Can’t see anything same in that game and your circuit board… Probably because I have no clue what it is. O.o

Great game, I just finished it (30 levels in total). 16 and 19 are probably the hardest.

Cool Games!

Just in case anyone wanted more after finishing it, there is a 2nd one.