3D Logo - Environment mapping and flare

I worked up this image to use on a Powerpoint slide to advertise a class I am giving. I have not used the environment mapping much in the past but I think I will be doing a lot more of it. http://home.att.net/~cs221/3DComp0001.jpg

The Logo Spinning Animation if you care to see it (2.74MB MPEG4 avi 640x480 30fps)http://home.att.net/~cs221/3D-movie.avi

The Blend file http://home.att.net/~cs221/3DClass.blend

Nice logo nice animation.

Really nice in fact.

Very nice, the lens flare is a bit much though.

Well done. I wish I could get me Env’s to look half as good


Thanks for the feedback, The lens flare is a bit much I agree… But what the heck!

Personally I don’t think the lens flare is too much for a logo. A logo is an artistic thing as opposed to a totally photoreal thing. Normally I’m not a big fan of lens flares but they do have there place and in a logo seems fine to me. Maybe tone down abit but I wouldn’t change it.

nice one… I remember, when people discovered that chrome effect… back in the days before there was 3d programs. we used to draw all chrome things, pipes, letters (like yours) and whatever… add blue highlite, purple (or something) lowlight (like the yellow you have there) … and then black in the middle… those were drawn with color pencils… heh… graffitis and such :slight_smile:

nice work… brought back some memories… thanks!

p.s. i dont think the halo effect is too much.