3D Logo work

Here a 3D logo that i start to work today.

You opinion will be apreciated. =)

Last changes, removed the circles, changed some minor modelling isues and fixed the glow.


The 2D version looks much better than the 3D in my opinion, reducing glossines could help it a bit. I would remove those circles definitely, these are unnecessary elements in this logo. The drops are cool and fit with the font.

Some great 3d logos can be found here: www.logodesign3d.com

I think the 2d version is a better choice than the 3d. Looks really nice in a minimalist way.

The 3d version is fine but I would turn the specular way down. I like both the 2d and 3d.

Thanks for feedback!

Abbout 2d and 3d versions.
2D will be used everywhere, 3d just on tv spots and hi-quality print papers.
Probabilly the logo will apear 3d and then turn to 2d. Later i will post a example of another logo that i made.

Abbout the specular, for sure ill turn it a way down now its a eye killer! hehehe

And Revo, im really thinking abbout take the circles off, i must talk abbout it with my client.
For sure i agreed, without it the logo got better and clean look. But later for animation thath circles give much more possibilities.

Last update posted and i think its done.
Some one have a last tip?