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I have launched the following e-commerce website which promote 3D looking maps : raisedartmap.com
I want to increase the number of Vintage maps

It takes me around 2H per map :

Is someone able to automatise the process ?
Using BlenderGIS maybe ? As the map are already georeferenced ?

For payment, we can agree on :

  • A fixed price
  • a $ on each map sold (During a X year period)

Knowing that I have a community of 10k hike love who are waiting for the maps …

Looking for your ideas,


A thought on the matter…

“Vintage” is simply a rustic-like style. Which is easily done with presets. Also, in this regard, any artistic style can be ‘automated by mimicking’, nowadays using AI style transfer’ to soothe any taste.

But to broaden your supply and meet demands of your community better, consider adding a ‘story-line’: “Historic places”, “Fantasy & Dream lands” (also custom made based on client’s dream), “Lost civilizations”, “Treasure maps”, “Distant & Parallel worlds”, “Far-out planets”, … + 3D prints (real Raised relief maps)

Plan a decade ahead. :wink:

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Hello Burnin,
Thank you very much for you feed back.
I currently i use real old map, made by land surveyors from 1880 to 1930 … to bring real authenticity.
But I love you idea of “AI style transfert”. I will allow me to produce more, more quickly. I will dig into it. If you any interesting link, please let me know.
An by using a pre-defined Style, i can totally go with a story-line as suggested.
Thank you very much for your brilliant ideas …

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