3d manipulator does not stay next to origin point

I do not understand why the manipulator is not next to my objects origin point. if I make my origon pint to the center of mass then the object should then rotate and pivit with its origin but it does not I have to select a point and tell it to go to that point then it will rotate aournd that point. But telling it to go to the center of mass its not. it thinks its part of another object?? how do I free it up?

because you told him to use the 3d cursor. :wink:


Thank you for your reply MarioPeper. It says in your profile you are a “Regular” I am digging around on this site trying to find out what that means.

They say I am one of the most active readers and a reliable contributor.


You get it by reading a lot of topics and posts, visiting the site often, and replying and commenting on posts as well as giving and receiving Likes. Being an active member in other words.