3d manipulator not centered on active object (pic)

Hey guys,

I’ve tried every form of pivoting/rotation - nothing seems to fix it. Why is the 3d translator not centered on the single object I have selected? It’s making it impossible to rotate.


the center might be off
check whre it is and may be recenter it to the medain of your object inf F9

http://img702.mytextgraphics.com/photolava/2008/09/11/suggestion-4btvlg5st.jpegSelect your object, follow the suggestion. I’m still a noob, so I hope this will work for you


That did the trick, thanks! Now what I can’t figure out is why that got off-centered in the first place? hmm…

If you move a mesh in Edit mode, the center of the object does not move. If you move the the mesh in Object mode, the center moves with the mesh.


Yes, nothing more to it, but be aware of using the Center new and the Center Cursor function with parented objects…

It might dislocate the object.

Fort Ash