3D Manipulator

I downloaded a recent version of Blender in website graphicall.com.

And I set the handler to drag 3D objects with a simple click on the arrows.

Activating the option “Confirm to Release” (image below).

Now no longer appears option, where it is? Or was taken this option?

Go to Editing tab, below KeyFraming and F-Curve options there is Transform option. R29374-Linux

Thanks for the reply, but did not work here. Are you sure it is this option?

Your options differ from what I see. I’m using rev.29421 on Ubuntu and I’m gonna check this under WinXP.


Tried under WinXP one of previous builds and these options are there, so maybe have been disabled recently. And you’re right it’s not the same option. The one shown by me is related to drag with RMB.

jawra thanks for checking in Windows this problem.

I’ve downloaded now of the version rev29464 and the same problem persists.

Any developer could clarify this issue.