3D mapping| 350 Saint Gobain

Hello everyone,

I would like to share a projects with you, where I’ve been participated.
The occasion was celebrating 350 Years Saint Gobain history. A company with unbelievable experience and story!
I designed and execute the animation into the project. Mainly I used Blender and Cycles, and at the end After Effects for the post production.

Because everything was made on rush I had less than a month as deadline to start and finish everything from shooting reference photos and mapping the images on place, communicating and agreeing on scripts and the story concept, to modeling, shading and lightning, simulating and rendering each scene. After that composting, testing, presenting.
Well the good plan made my workflow smooth and I haven’t extra stress on my way working. My time was carefully cutted for this marathon. I haven’t sleep enough for this period indeed, but if I except that the rest part like the production was very smooth. Overall I’ve done 2 changes - 2 scene were completely removed from the story, at the end which makes me to worked a bit extra on composting and post pro.

Why I decided to share one of my commercial projects with you guys,…? Because I really want to show that Blender is not only powerful Art Tool, but also Blender and Cycles render engine are enough good for wonderful quality large and time consuming commercial paid projects and products (such a this mapping). This is an example which shows, there is no limits, and there is a possibility for almost everything with this wonderful program Blender! Full info about the project here: my Behance profile

I would want to invite you to show and share not only personal projects, but also some commercial projects with Blender, sharing some experience during the projects with the community etc., with no matter about quality or type - just any commercial one.

If you have any questions let me know! :wink:

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Facade Scale
Museum of National History in Sofia, Bulgaria

Just want to know how many projectors? and lumens. Beautiful work btw

that’s actually mindblowing, my mother is working for Saint Gobain and is precisely in charge of such events for the 350 years aniversary :wink:

Very nice work, congrats!

Thank you blademust! They were 4 projectors = 2x Christie Roadster S+20K, 2x Christie Roadster S+22K-J 2, approximately between 85000 до 88000 lumens… for this shape = 20- 22 luks.

Thank you elbriga :slight_smile: I really appreciate it!