3d max 2012 nitro viewport aceleration


Does Autodesk normally advertise here on the BlenderArtist forums?

I am not user of autodesk, but new viewport rendering is impressive

as always, they’re just copying other software, in this case modo…

Graphically it isn’t that big of a different from blender’s viewport glsl.

From what I can tell the difference from blenders glsl is that both modo’s RayGL
and the nitrous preview raytraced graphics(especially shadows) trough openGL/DX. :slight_smile:

Looks nice. Sounds like an OpenCL or other similar implementation of shaders.

Seems like they finally included LSCM UV unwrapping too, and integrated physics simulation in the viewport (can’t wait for Aligorith’s patch!).

When it comes to Blender development, adding in anything the nitro-viewport has that Blender’s GLSL viewport doesn’t is probably quite achievable from a coding standpoint(as well as being extended to work with materials from other engines once Moguri’s GSoC branch is in trunk)

Between his branch and the current code, I’d say the base to do this is already there, that is after 2.6 final is released clearing the way for new stuff :slight_smile:

autodesk always increases features on the account of processing power and load times, max needs a refactor with all those hacks in it, i use max everyday @work and it damaged 2 files today while saving them(which is an old bug 2 or more years), fortunately i have backups :slight_smile:

We’ve had the ability to render parallax maps, god rays and SSAO in the game engine for some time. It shouldn’t be too hard to hook that up to the viewport render. A few of us have been campaigning to have that implemented for a while.

As it is, Blender’s GLSL viewport is pretty darn good already.

No doubt I would own Max if I weren’t paying for piano lessons for my kids. The future is exciting and impatience tempts me to spend money, but then I remember I’m a mediocre artists and all that horsepower would be wasted on me anyway, don’t get me wrong it would be cool to have instant render etc but I literally can’t justify buying it when I can work on the things I care about in blender for free. Someday I’ll probably break down any buy max, but maybe blender will be better by then.

There are loads of apps out there that will do more on the modelling side than Blender will that don’t cost as much as a really good used car. I’d love a copy of Maya, but the same thing applies. $4k on soft? I’d say yeah if you were making a shed-load of money on freelancing, but for hobby stuff - no way.

Wings is free and stuff like Silo is only $159 for the pro version. You can then bring your mesh back to Blender for animation and compositing.

can blender glsl viewport handle the alpha sorting like it is in that video? Also the alphas are rendered excently in the new max. Better than marmoset’s alpha solution.

I have gtx 480 / i7/8 gb ram 1333/raid …, and 3ds max sucks with nitro or dirext. I think Max 2012 is the worst release of all. A lot of bugs, barely plugins compatibility, no reactor anymore ( max 2012 cant simulate softbodies). New unwrap tool sucks like never before. Mental Ray render more slow now and a lot of things that make me crazy with this new version. It seems an alpha version of max 2012… Im mad with windows and autodesk http://bafull.cgcookie.netdna-cdn.com/images/smilies/sago/mad.gif.

Blender work very well, much more stable than max and much more fast, but I dont know how use it http://bafull.cgcookie.netdna-cdn.com/images/smilies/sago/frown.gif

I’ve approved your post (url links required moderation) so I can say Whine, Whine, Whine. Time to grow up whining troll

Blender work very well, much more stable than max and much more fast, but I dont know how use it http://bafull.cgcookie.netdna-cdn.com/images/smilies/sago/frown.gif

How do you know this if you say you don’t even know how to use it ?