3D Media WorkStation

(-xblender-) #1

Yo, wut up, Ive been useing blender for a while and now Im thinking of UP-ing my system for computer grafiX.
I only have about $800, and from serfing the forum I’ve put together a nice novice workstation. Im going to start working on a Music Video for a rock band, and im goin to use alot of hard drive for video and 3D acceleration for blender. Im thinking of shooting them in front of a green screen and then adding them on to a CG backround. anyway this is wut im thinking for the Workstation:

  • Soyo SY-P4S-645DX Dragon Ultra (Motherboard)
  • Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz
  • Western Digital 80GB
  • Xtasy GeForce4 Ti4200 (Video card)

Wut do you think? Im also thinking of getting a 20gig hard drive for the OS(ex:Win98) and the 80gig for all my data, that way if my computer crashes, I only have to restore the hard drive with the OS on it.

Also, here are some CG background images im useing for the video, the first one is a tunnel scene.
and here is a stage…
Please,If you have any opinions,I would appreciate the feedback very much!

(LethalSideP) #2

Cool workstation!

Just don’t forget to check how much RAM you get with it. I upgraded recently from 128 MB to 384 MB, and the change in Blender was pretty impressive (knocked about 1/4 off my render times…).

Nice pics as well, BTW - very music video-‘ish’. :smiley:

Hope this helped.

(basse) #3

what if your 80giga hard drive crashes? :slight_smile:

when hard drives crash, it doesnt matter what is on it, OS or data…
dont get me wrong, having separate partition/HD for OS and data is a good idea, I have it like that… but it still doesnt mean, it’s safe for crashing…

so backup backup backup! :slight_smile:


(Phrangkk) #4

What software are you considering for the chroma keys and composites?
I’ve heard that Vegas Video is very nice and not too expensive.
Or were you going to composite within blender?
the only drawback I can see there is the lack of audio support.
Can’t wait to see some finished video.

(rndrdbrian) #5

Don’t use one huge great big 20 gig partiotion for the OS!

I use a 3 gig partition for the OS only (in my case WinXP), email, internet programes & utilities go on another 3 gig partition, rest of graphic / audio programes & data go on a big partition.

The advantage of this is you have a nice clean partition which only has OS on it, making it easier to backup - you only have to back up 3 gigs instead of 20gigs. Plus if you need to do a clean reinstall, just format the OS partition leaving the rest of the partitions alone!

Also a good idea is a swap partition to keep the windows swap file on, and a largish partition for saving temp graphic files / burning cds etc, I call this the Scratch partition.

I also recommend making 2 installations of the OS in different partitions, and dual booting. That way you can have one for serious work, and another one just for games / general testing. I use XOSL (Extended Operating System Loader) to set up a boot menu : http://www.xosl.org It also includes Ranish Partition manager which can clone partitions for rapid backups!



(-xblender-) #6

While workin on my blendering, Ive also collected and tested all kinds of Pro-video editing software. Adobe Premeire 6,Adobe After Effects 5 (with Ultimatte plug-in),Comotion pro,…

But im just stickin to Adobe Premeire 6, Adobe After Effects 5,Pinnacle Studio DV 7,Blender,Elefont, and Corel Draw 7.

Oh ya!, I also forgot to mention that I wuz Planin on getin 256MB RAM,
my bad :wink:

  • Soyo SY-P4S-645DX Dragon Ultra (Motherboard)
  • OEM 256MB PC2100 32x64 DDR 184Pin (memory)
  • Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz
  • Western Digital 80GB
  • Xtasy GeForce4 Ti4200 (Video card)

(PowerMacG4) #7

Will you be working with DV? might consider Avid Xpress DV.
I work with Video but I use an Apple PowerMac G4, Final Cut Pro 3, Combustion 2, DVD Studio Pro 1.5, Photoshop 7, Adobe After Effects. Kind of Pricey.
If you going to be doing more Video then you might want to look into a Video dedicated HD not just partitioning it. I use a 120 gig (Dual 60 gig) RAID setup for video capture and editing. Alot of RAM. I use 1gig.
For Blender I have seperate box, one SGI Indigo2 for modelling and a Linux Box for Long render jobs and Raytracing work. Working on a SGI o2 for texturing.
Just my set-up

(-xblender-) #8

ThanX for the tip, Im downloadin the Avid Xpress DV PowerPack right now but I probably wont be able to try it out until i get my workstation in a couple of weeks. It looks dynamic and tight! kinda like pinnacle liquid silver.
ThanX again!