3D medieval/forest house render

hey there I made this a couple days ago, hope you like it :), It’s really “gameready” , Clean model, low poly ( ~700).


That’s beautiful! Well done, when you render it to show people though, you should add just like a flat grassy plane to show us - it looks a little weird floating is space…

Very good looking for 700 polys.
only critics from my side, the unwrapping. Have you used checkerboards to properly do it?

If you look at the part where the 2 straight roofparts meet (first image), don´t know what it is called in english, you can see that the rooftile-texture has a different scale, which disturbs me immensly :smiley:

I´d also like to see the unwrapping… a good game model also has to have good texturemaps.

Yeah that’s kinda my problem, unwrapping it is really tricky, and what are checkerboards?


I guess for this particular model it does not really matter, but usually just show your unwrap layout without the texture, or enbed a watermark in your textures, they often involve a lot of work, and nowadays people steal everything.

A checkerboard is something like this one (google image search, dunnow who´s it is):

You use this as texture during unwrapping.
If you turn on texture view in blender viewport, you immedately see where you are on the map and you can make sure the “scale” fits for parts of the same scale. so you can make sure e.g. for the roof, that all squares are really squares and have the same size for the roof. It prevents distortion and scaling issues.

Yeah I know, but this is just a model for me to practise, so it isn’t that important, and thx for the fast reply

Very nice work Howker :slight_smile:

good textured model! looks nice!
p.s. it is always good for architectural model to have a base (something that receives shadow), just to look better even for preview. :slight_smile:

Alright, I will work on it, thanks for the replies guys!