3D Mesh for a Wind Turbin


I want to make a film about the benefits and also the downside of using Wind Turbines. I want to import the model into a real screen, and light it accordingly etc.

I have found a model at,


However, this model is about $100, and it’s in 3d studio. I’ve not had much luck importing this format (whereas Lightwave imports fine). Does anyone know of a good source for Blender Meshes, and specificaly any Wind Mill Meshes? Cheers!

I’d say scrap importing and model your own :slight_smile:

What OS are you using? If on windows, I think 3D Object Converter can export your 3DS files into easily exporatble OBJ or LWO files.

The linux version of Blender 2.41 imports 3DS very well.

Just google yourself up some blueprints and start modelling.