3D Model Artist and Animator - High Quality for MMO Game

Dear Blender Artists,

I honestly think I have just found my new favourite place in the world, some of the artwork on here is beyond exceptional!

My name is Steve, I am the manager of a new games company looking to create a very sci fi naval war game. We are looking for an extremely talented artist who can bring our deliciously beautiful concept artwork of ‘ships’ alive for in game use. If you are both an exceptional artist and animator, then I would love to hear from you for paid work!

I have attached an image of one of our conceptual artwork pieces. Looking for someone to breathe life into it so that we may use it in game (of course, credits will be assigned to you as well!).

Please find the attached model and contact me on skype (steve.konka), email (steve.wishart[@]konkastudios[dot]com) or reply with a PM here with your portfolio and rates.

I’m extremely interested in hearing from you all!

Best regards,


Hey, I’ve sent my portfolio by e-mail. Thanks for the opportunity!

Hi SteveKonka ~ I’ve send Pm to you , please check , thanks~~

Message sent, I hope to hear back!

Sent you a PM! :slight_smile:

Interesting game!We are eager to do this work for you.
Plz feel free to contact us!
[email protected]

Thank you everyone who responded, I have found an artist who I really think has a great vision for our project and have commissioned him to start work on the ships. However, we will shortly require more artists to work on our project, so I have all your PM’s and portfolios to keep for future work.

If more people are interested in working on this project in the future, please send a PM with your portfolio, I do check them all! Thank you very much, the response to this project has been brilliant :slight_smile:

If you ever need another person please get in contact with me. I am currently under a contract with Monji Game Inc. as head 3-d graphics and animation designer. Please email me at [email protected]. The studio I listed is one that I own. If you would like to see my portfolio please contact me.