3d model for short movie


I start modelling som eyears ago as a hobby and so far enjoy it. I 've been able to create descent assets fullfiling my needs. But there’s still something i suck at : creating human-looking model.

I’m working on a short movie, and i’m in need of a character. Instead of spending a year trying to create my own, i was considering buying one on one of those website you can buy it from.
I don’t know if i’m allowed to give url here so i won’t but, here are my questions :
Is it a good idea ?
Is there anything i should be aware of before buying ?
I understand that artisticly (?) speaking it’s not the best choice but i see it as a time saver and i don’t think i could afford hiring someone on this specific needs.
Also i will only need partial footage (feets, hands, camera behind shoulder, maybe big plan on eyes…).

Thanks for your advices,