3D Model Haven is coming!

My friend Cameron Casey and I have accepted a $10000 grant from Epic Games to work on a new project: 3D Model Haven!

Following in the footsteps of HDRI Haven and Texture Haven, 3D Model Haven will be a resource of high quality free (CC0) 3D assets for everyone.

Our goal is to create a constantly growing community-funded resource of open content, licensed as CC0 for complete freedom and usability by professionals and hobbyists alike.

The Epic grant will cover the work required to get the site up and running with some decent initial content, but after that we’ll be relying on Patreon support just like HDRI and Texture Haven to keep it going.


Congratulation !

Great. I hardly believe that future of 3D is in using free textures, models etc. for better and faster work. With new Pixar USD pipeline that will be even more efficient. Congrats and I keep my thumbs up.

PS. I’ve been thinking abut the same service for providing 3D models but I’m curious about getting this grant from Epic. How hard (or easy) it was to achieve that from them?

I never bought a single 3d model simply because often they are made on illegal software and the second reason is because they are often not up to my high quality standard.

I prefer doing my own stuff even if it take longer. My whole game have custom assets that no one will ever see on sale on a 3d model site.

I still wish you the best of luck with this project since i can see many indies devs happy with this.

This is great for prototyping and, other stuff - -

You need to find a good inventory system, so people can easily use the site and, also have a search option for low-poly, mid-poly, high-poly or, advanced-poly models - –

This sounds absolutely outstanding. I’m using grabcad as a resource with tons of free and very high quality stuff - sometimes as a direct use, other times as a shape to remodel after (because many are in cad format - I have Solidworks so Step/igs etc isn’t an issue).

But for Blender, most of the free stuff I’ve seen has been of very questionable quality. And even some of the paid stuff I’m like “why would anyone make something this simple paid - they should be ashamed”. Once paid stuff got there, there is no lower bound on required quality or effort.

So now my question is; will there be some kind of QA for what actually becomes available, or will it end up as yet another garbage collector? Things like off scale, uneven scale, unnamed meshes and objects, merged verts where they should be separate, non applied modifiers (although this can be useful of course), missing textures, not in collections etc.

I obviously don’t know what their internal approval process is like or how likely they are to award grants for particular projects, but from my side it was just a online form and a 3 month wait for a response.

Absolutely. The category and searching system I have for HDRI and Texture Haven is really basic, it’s definitely something I want to improve before I reuse it for this.

Quality has always been the top priority for me from the very beginning of these Haven sites, and even more so with 3D Model Haven considering the market is much bigger and already full of dozens of other free or paid asset stores. The site won’t be open to public contribution, everything we publish will be completely our own original work, or acquired from artists who can prove the same, allowing us to be strict about the quality of content that makes it online.


Oh, ok. Guess I misunderstood the intent :slight_smile: All good.

This sounds amazing! Thank you for all your efforts @gregzaal (and team). :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you plan to make use of photogrammetry? And if you do, would you rather retopologize stuff before uploading or offer ist “as is” (mainly topology-wise).
(My guess is this would depend on a case-by-case basis?)

greetings, Kologe

Case-by-case basis. We’ll use whatever tools are best for each model.

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No i simply talk after 18 years working in various studio so i am surely an ignorant on the subject!

Some studio i work in were sometime buying a few models but we end up spending so much time fixing them for our need that they often told us to do it from scratch with the studio criteria.

I am not dumb enough to believe every model is crap but many are truly not fit for a variety of pipeline.

Simple stuff like chair and table is OK but when you talk about complex environment and character that’s where it begin to hurt!

I never said anywhere that my models are better than others i simply mention they are build with specific criteria that fit my game pipeline and i also don’t want to induce art fatigue by using the same assets that a 1000 games use before me!

And yes many model are actually done on illegal software believe it or not!

Try to answer post without insulting people should be something you look at!


For my open source art(instead of just the object code being free, to the GPL terminology) project I’m planning on making a booru style website. Are you going to allow users to tag the models so if the artist misses something or a new tag is added afterwards it can get applied to the artwork?

Will the website itself be open source?

If you’re in the USA any work that is created in violation of copyright law is public domain you could use that for some legal-fu to help protect yourself.

This could possibly add a fair bit of moderation work (people adding lots of unrelated tags, spammers, etc.) but it might be nice.

Will the website itself be open source?

Yep. The source for HDRI and Texture Haven are already available, though I’m working on a bit of a re-write of some components.

Any haven to blender links in plan ? I suppose you keep that idea for the asset manager.

I’ve always got plans for add-ons, it’s the implementation that’s the issue. There are dozens of existing add-ons that try to be the one asset manager everyone uses, and historically a lot of official attempts too. It’s a hard problem to solve and people have a lot of different opinions about the usability details either because of past experiences, habits, or the way they use blender (as a solo freelancer, part of a large team, or just for fun).

Once 3D Model Haven is up and running and I’ve updated the other two sites to be on par, I plan to work on an add-on for Texture Haven that should (hopefully) be extendable for other sites to integrate themselves into if they want; something like BlenderKit (possibly even based on it), but more open and customizable.
That’s the plan anyway. It’s possible someone else will do the same thing by the time I’m able to work on it.

Edit: What I mean to say is the texture haven add-on is next on my list, and only after that would I consider a 3d model haven add-on (if an asset manager that it could hook into doesn’t already exist).

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don’t you want to wait and see what’s the future asset management system is going to look like ? i heard that there’s pleanty of customisation and maybe web linked services

There have been a lot of promised awesome asset managers over the years :wink: Only time will tell if that one is actually finished and fully adopted. It’s gonna be a while before I can work on it anyway, so for now “wait and see” is definitely what’s happening.

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I want to use a recommendation system to rate how much you think the tag applies to the art piece. thou if it ends up bing to much of a load on the server my back up plan is that the tag with need a minimum number of positive votes and more positive votes than negative votes. That and a system for volunteers to review tags that are under the limit to show up/ haven’t been givin tag sets by many people.

Outsourcing tags does sound like a good idea, it’s just a matter of the time required to set up a decent system with some level of spam/abuse detection or approval process. Personally I have higher priorities at the moment, so if it’s gonna happen it’s only going to be a long way down the road, or by someone else (remember the web code is/will be open source and I’m happy to have some help).

I think a simple form on each model page that connects to a discord bot that sends a message to the Haven server where people can react to approve or disapprove a tag might work.

This is pretty cool, looking forward to seeing what models will be available!

I like that models will also include textures. Will it also support rigged models as well? (e.g. generic human/animal models)