3d Model Needed of Recording Artist

Hi BlenderArtists Community

I’m in need of a 3d model of a particular Recording Artist. Low Poly/High Poly, Shaded, and with a super basic armature rig that I can immediately start posing. This is for an actual Recording Artist. Due to confidentiality, please inquire at [email protected] with a link to your work for more details. If your right for the project, I will reply.

I would normally do it myself, but it is a super tight turnaround and I’m currently working on the rest of the set design. I need the model to be built for me so I can plug into the rest of the assets.

Please note: I will need this model turned around in a day!

If your quick and good, this project is for you and is an amazing opportunity. If the creative and artistic chemistry is right for the team, this may turn into many more projects.

This is a paid project. More details will be supplied if you are right for the project.



Turned around in a day ? ha ha ha…This guy is either a troll or he has no clue about 3d modeling and rigging, ha ha…