3D model of woman's lower part of the body with jeans

Hi there

I’m Michael from Startup located in Zurich, Switzerland and we are looking for someone who is creating a 3D model of a woman’s lower part of the body wearing jeans.

We are a company developing an online webshop, where customers insert 7 measurements of their legs, then get a 3D-model of the lower part of their body, design their jeans by choosing different colors, pockets… Then the customers see the jeans on their body in the browser with a 3D-Model as they would stand in front of the mirror and finally get the sewed customized jeans within 10 days.

I am responsible for the development of our shop software, as well as the visualization of the customer’s bodies and jeans models. We have already developed 3D models of jeans.

Now we are looking for someone who has good skills in modeling objects in blender, as well as in designing realistic looking textures / bumpmaps.

What we need is a realistic looking lower part of a human’s body (belly button downwards) wearing jeans, where some elements of the jeans (buttons, pockets) are modeled separately. That makes it easier for subsequent modifications of them (stretch, change texture). We will provide you with good pictures of how the jeans should look like and all required details.

The payment will depend on the complexity of the developed model. There are 2-3 models to be developed. Further cooperation very likely possible.

Do you have the required skills and are you interested in developing such a model? Just contact me and I will give you details through Skype or E-Mail.

Thanks and greetings
jellyjee “aat” zoho.com

I am interested in this, but my question is, do you plan to deform the model to accommodate for different people’s legs?

I have sent you a PM. :slight_smile:

Hi, I am interested in that. But, before that I just want to ask that are you going to provide the type of jeans which we need to create. Its like there are many type of jeans skinny jeans, lose jeans, with the bottom and so on. So we also need the information of that.

I’m interested, PM sent.