3D model / plugin on a web page?

What happened to this:

This tutorial is for Blender 2.25 or before.
Web Plugin is not currently supported.


This tutorial describes how to use the Blender scene file walkthrough_template.blend. The purpose of this blender scene file is to provide a quick path with a very shallow learning curve for users of the Blender Creator software to publish a 3D model of an architectural (or other) environment on a web site using the Blender 3D Plugin. It has all of the interactive logic necessary to enable visitors to walk through a scene in 3D.

They stopped supporting it. I recall that Erwin may have been trying to make it happen again, but I’m not sure.

There is a Blend2Java that will transform the model into a file that you can put on a webpage. Unfortunately, the only thing that is out is rather old, the guy who was developing it has dissapeared.