3D model - porsche GT3 RS

i urgently need a detailed 3D model of the car above - has anyone seen such a model somewhere? i had a look at many of the commercial model-sites, but didn’t find it. modelling is not an option, as my customer pays me only for the hull-design :slight_smile:

You could tell your customer if he only wants to pay for hull design, you need a model to work with. No?

Just in case you don’t find a model of course…

yea sure, but 1st he’s not willing to pay me a week of modelling work, and 2nd i don’t have time to spend a week on modelling :slight_smile:

in the meantime i got some good reference photos which i’ll use to fake the final appearance. think i’ll stick to that, as it looks better than expected.

Don’t know how detailed or accurate it is but you can try (cut and paste the middle paragraph into one line in the location bar then click the link):

javascript: void(window.open(‘download.php?file=http://ftp.gamesweb.com/pub/nfs5/cars/street/gt3_rs.zip&key=9ac83e9c9e554ae0ff783330a01a15e5’, ‘gameswelt_dl_d5bca1509105054a49a65dc2fc1c07a7’, ‘toolbar=no,location=no,status=no,menubar=no,scrollbars=no,top=200,left=200,width=488,height=340,resizable=no’));

Unfortunately, it’s in some custom Need for Speed game format so you’d need to find a converter. There are some tools here: http://nd4spd.ngz-network.de/engine.php?c=3&s=19

Probably your best bet is to build one yourself or get someone here to have a go. I have a 3D mesh of a dodge gt concept that I could convert to a porsche gt3 rs but I don’t know how accurate you need it to be.