3D Model ready for 3D Print

Hello there,

I have the opportunity to use a 3D Printer in school to ‘print’ out a selfmodelled 3D Character. :smiley: The man in charge works with Rhino3D, from where he’s gonna print it.
(so he’s not able to answer Blender relatet questions)
I was told to bring him my Blender Data in (.obj) or (.stl) format, so that Rhino3D reads it and can just print it. But now my Model was rigged with bones and shapes that forms the mesh into my desired ‘expression’. I’m afraid that Rhino can’t interpret the Blender Bone information, so that it’s impossible to print it out. (because when i erase bones the shape made of it dissapears as well.)

So my question is:

Is there a way to erase the bones, without loosing the transormation of the mesh caused by those particular bones??:confused:


Set the pose and apply the Armature modifier

Thank You Richard!!!

unfortunatley it doesn’t work because I have shape keys applied to the mesh that are working with drivers manipulated by the bones…(for the facial positions)

So the error message says:

Modifyer cannot be applied to mesh with shape keys :frowning:

So how can I then apply those Shape Keys first? Or is there an other possibillity?

The other program accepts OBJ format? Can’t you just get your mesh positioned as you want then export to OBJ and select the “apply modifiers” check box? I just tested with with a shape key on the default cube and it spit out the modified cube.

Kastoria! that was genius!

It’s my fold… I didn’t try that out because I didn’t thought there would be this option!


one other problem appeared…

I had in the texture settings a image of textile applied to a pullover and influenced it with geometry/dissplace wich works well and looks good in the render. But for the ‘printing’ thing this should apply to it in the export process in (.obj) wich it don’t.
So How I can apply those influences on the mesh based on the texture setting?

So you have a bump or displacement map? That I’m not sure how you might get that data “de-baked” into the model.

If you want to have the details from the bump/displacement map surely you can just subdivide and add a displacement modifier, then add the image?

@ kastoria and @Sheppy96 Thank you both for replying!!

But the hint with the displacement modifier was the needed solution for this!!
Thank you very much Sheppy96!!