3D model realtime tracking and creation with a webcam - on the fly!

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Qi Pan won the 2009 ISMAR Best Demo Price for his project.
Its really nice, i am all anxious to see where it ends, the possibilites are sure endless:

And here´s the paper and more info on Qi Pan:

Will it become open-source? I can’t wait to try this technique.

cool.while a minute to make the model is not “real-time”, it is certainly faster than what I could do, maybe, depending on the object. S/he does not say if texturing is also done within that minute, or whether that is separate. Very cool end-user possibilities though, for non-modelers to make models.

i had heard about this a while ago…
really cool
get powerful computer, big hard drive, bunch of webcams, mount on car, drive through city, play with 3d city!

yeah, i saw the video on BlenderNation. it’s awesome!

my only fear is, what if (depending on if the program will be open-source, or free, or something) new 3D users use this instead of making the meshes themselves…? hmm…

Well, as you´ve seen in the video, the mesh topology is pretty poor to put it polite :slight_smile:
I guess it will have more business and augmented reality usage than replace the average mesher.

I also wonder what process is needed to calibrate the camera prior to the capturing. Because the software surely is not so smart not to track the hand or the other things on the video feed. I guess you have to predifine a coordinate system and the primary tracking points, so there is no driving through a city and capture everything. Maybe in some near future…

And I seriously doubt it will be open source, the algorithms used there, especially image processing, tracking and gemometrical algorithms are a valuable good in todays industry. I´d love to get my hands on the code to study it. Maybe there will be some light version at least to play around with it :slight_smile:

I got to read his paper once i got time…

That looks awesome! I’d love to have that xP