3D Model Selling Price

Greetings all

As some of you might know, I’m planning on selling models soon, however I would like to know if any of you might be able to help. I would like to know from you guys, how does one determine the sell price of your models. I’m pretty cautious of the pricing for my models. I don’t want to sell for too high a price and never get any sales, and I do not want to sell for to cheap so that I sell myself out and not make it worth it.

I’ve got tons of random objects, cars, car parts, scenes, characters and weapons, however, I’m not really sure how to justify a price for these models. Most of my models are extremely high poly with huge amounts of details, and half of these are also textured.

I’m also considering in giving the customer a variety of file formats in the archive that would maximize compatibility. What is your take on the pricing of 3D models, clay, textured, or rigged?



It depends on things like the quality and how saturated are the categories of your models. I think one of the best ways to determine the price is to look at the competing models on the store, their quality and pricing. Just search for relevant keywords on 3D store. Another good starting point is to ask yourself: would I be interested in buying this model for this price? Customers usually afraid of purchasing a model with hidden flaws or putting a lot of efforts before adjusting the model to their needs. So they always take into consideration the price as a risk factor: if it costs 10 times less than his own work, then the risk is minimal.

One problem with pricing is that sometimes you have to wait several months before you get sales. So it is a good idea to start from lower price and then if you get good sales, you can raise the price a bit. Preparing models in various formats can also substantially boost your sales.

Where do you plan to sell your models? I highly recommend http://www.cgtrader.com. The advantage of this store is that there you will get around 90% of royalties, much higher compared to other stores. It gives you much more space to play with your prices.


Ah thanks a lot. Currently I’m planning on selling on my own site, and doing some extensive promotion for it too, I’ve been asked to sell my models on places like “The3DStudio” and “Turbosquid”. Though I’m not fond of the part where places like those take quite a big chunk out of the sale that, this is mainly the reason why I would like to sell my models on my own site.

At the moment my models are being prepped for quite a few file formats, textures included, wire render and all are included. All of these file formats are included in every archive of the model you purchase. The files stated are the following.

.blend .3ds .fbx .stl .obj .dae

Thanks for the recommendation, will definitely be checking out these guys.