3d model shows through itself

Hey everyone, it’s been a long long time since I’ve been here. I used to have another user account… I don’t remember what it was though. Anyways I’m getting serious about using the blender game engine for a product but I’ve come across a little bit of a problem. I modeled most of the main game character inside wings3d(I like the modeling process) then I imported it into blender using the obj format and then cleaned it up in blender, made the clothes in blender, and eyes/hair whatnot. I then tried to set up a little test with the game engine and I’m getting this.

It’s like the back of the model is rendering through the front. I’ve searched and scoured the software, even checking the normals but I can’t figure it out.
It looks fine in the work space:
And even weirder it also renders fine in the normal renderer, just in the game engine it does this. Lastly little things happen too, like the iris texture doesn’t render in the game engine only the main renderer.
Can someone please tell me I’m stupid and that there’s an easy fix. The only difference is that I modeled it in wings, could this be the problem?


Found my old account Tieden :smiley:
Should I notify a dev to delete it or something? :confused:

  • I suggest check the normals (switch on show normals).
  • Check if “alpha” is on. There is no alpha needed, so get rid of that. (Alpha faces have a different render pipeline)
  • Maybe the mesh is mirrored. I can remember I had problems with an earlier version of Blender. Try to mirror the mesh once.

Thanks alot! It was the alpha, I don’t know how it got on i must of hit it by accident.

Now does anyone know why the eye texture isn’t showing? it only shows when it renders???

If you want to use the BGE never refer to the Render output. It has nothing to do with that.

If you look at your window carefully, you might notice, that it is in solid mode. You need texture mode to see textures.

Right, no render references, got it.

Okay, changing to textured mode isn’t working either :confused:
by the way I really appreciate you helping me through this Monster

The eye texture should be an image only. I do not think other texture types work in the GE. But I’m not an expert in this.

Thanks I’ll try that^^