3d model to 'Polygon Map' Question

Hi there, I’m an art student trying to take things in a new direction. I’ve worked with blender before, but I’m not exactly sure on how to do what I’m trying to, nor what exactly to call it. :o

Essentially my goal is to try and get all the polygons/faces on the model and turn it into a schematic that can laser cut the individual faces and can be assembled by hand. The model is quite basic, but I’m essentially trying to unfold it.

I’ve looked into UV mapping, and although that’s for texturing, I think it might be what I need; the problem is that I can’t get it unwrapped in a way that retains proportionality which is basically the make-or-break factor.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

  • Alex

look at this to flatten a 3D mesh


happy bl