3d model

hi to everyone at what appears to be the new
blender home. Im still in shock from the news,
but life goes on. Meanwhile here is a model from what was going to be my next game.
This is the medium level detail version, to be used for anims, game intro, etc. Take the price
with a pinch of salt. This is equivalent to the
site owners, and i do not wish to offend him by undercutting him. To view the 3d version you will have to install the viewer program. It then takes a couple of miniuts for the textures to load. Im not trying to spam anyone, but I do think that this site is a fantastic site to display, and possably sell models on. It its full of ideas on what the blender plugin should/could be capable of. Anyway please tell me what you think. The textures are a bit screwed for streaming, and the blend file is available if anyone is interested. Hoping NAN gets back
on its feet, before I finish the game.

I suppose a link would help.
sorry about that.

After checking the link, I found it takes you to the F15 page?, mine is the Red Arrows Hawk under “new models”.