3D modeler/Artist wanted to join epic quest!


My name is Jesse Jordan, and for almost a year now, I’ve been working with my team of almost 20 or so people towards pumping out a game called RealmClash. RealmClash is going to be both a physical game (tabletop!) and a digital game, and we’re looking to replace 2 3D modelers who unfortunately had to leave us due to work and life getting in the way. It happens.

More specifically, what we need is people who can take 2d art and turn it into a miniature model, like you’d see in Warhammer or other such games. From there, we’ll save that file, get some high rez renders, and then we CHOP IT UP INTO LITTLE PIECES… So we can 3D print them!

I’ve attached an example of what kind of level we’re looking for with the detail. Feel free to PM or e-mail me any questions here or at [email protected]

The work is unpaid/volunteer, but we’re willing to negotiate a per-model fee that can be settled via the kick starter that’s ready to go.

To be more specific on the kickstarter, all we’re waiting on before launching is more complete models. We’re already set up with everything else, but we will be making a new video featuring the new models.


I could do this, I only do per-model commissions though, as I already have one full time project (can’t very well have two full projects now can I?)

hello there, are you aware i finished my model?