3D Modeler / Concept artist

Hey all,

We are looking for Sci-fi 3D artists for concepts, modelling, wrapping and texturing low poly 3D model sets (buildings, stations, ships) but also a concept artist for the same assets, compensated by asset when completed.

  • we are searching concepter/modeler for an indie project, still this is a paid job, only we cannot pay AAA rates.
  • quantity of model sets is not decided yet, but obviously will be more than a couple, each set will contain 15+ models.
  • we are searching for freelancers based in Europe and Americas (time-zone wise).
  • specs for models: low poly (1k to 3k) textured with diffuse, normal and glow maps, 512 or 1024 maps.
  • please contact me only if you read this, if you are interested, to request the complete design guide with more specs.

Details about the project you can find at www.indiedb.com/games/spacemen

To apply, send a portfolio with sci-fi models at florin at spacemen dot co (not com!)


this is the first time i try to make a ship of any kind, so im disapointed myself… anyway i added a blend file for you to take a quick look. my goal was to use as few polys as posible.
maybe i used too few?

if you see potensial, then ill try to remake the model… also let me know how many polys i can use :slight_smile:


ship.blend (533 KB)

ok here is the remake. hope you like it. not so much focus on low poly now tho. :stuck_out_tongue:


ship.blend (807 KB)

added more details

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