3d Modeler/Generalist available for paid work.

Hi my name is Nestor Chavez and I have been a 3d modeler for 10 years with 5+ years of game industry experience.I have obtained a degree in 3d design from Los Angeles Mission College Institute of Multimedia Arts.I have done various freelance gigs such as prototyping for inventors, visualization rendering, game character modeling,animation and modeling in general for games.I am looking for paid work only, if you are interested and want to see some of my work please visit my website NestorD3dModelerand/or contact me at [email protected] Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

NOTE: I only do paid work.If you need a quote please contact me and I will give you a reasonable price depending on your situation. I give a %25 discount on some occasions when clients give me large amount of work. As for payment I prefer using Paypal and I can do either cash OR a percentage in cash + a percentage in royalties for the clients that don’t have a good budget but have a good project. Sorry I can not do free work but I can guarantee reasonable rates and I am always open to any negotiations.

Contact Info:

Skype name: nestor_c818
[email protected]


The Captain

The Weapons Factory(team orientated 3d person game).

The Marine

Personal work, architectural building.

Combat Medic

Medic turntable



Big Brute!- Personal work

Here is my IllgaMesh being used live in a concert San Diego,Ca.I was hired by Image8nineteen,on a project for DJ Skrillex world tour.


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Ah ok didn’t know that.

Excellent Showcase of your Skills!

Nestor you seem well rounded and quite talented.

very nice and good work. I like your work very much. :smiley:

Thanks guys, I appreciated. Here is a WIP of the new Marine I am working on. Hope you guys like it.

Hey Guys.
Here is the final look of the Marine. Should have some IN-Game screen shots for you soon . Hope you guys like it…

(Color orientated team base game)The Weapons Factory - Marine
Tris: 8754
Textures Sizes: 2048x2048 (Diffuse,Specular,Normals)