3D Modeler Looking For Coder to Join

I’m a 3D modeler/ animator getting back into the swing of things when it comes to game deving. I’ve made a few small game projects with a local game dev group several years back. Because of work and life keeping me occupied I wasn’t able to spend much time doing one of my favorite hobbies. Although, right now life is relaxed and stable, which gives me a lot of free time these days. So I was hoping to find coder that I could work on a project with as well as learn some coding from while also trying to help where I can. Which if you’re working on or wanting to work on an action adventure, rpg, or 1st/3rd person horror I’d would like to team up.

you should showcase some game models :slight_smile:

plenty of projects need a good dedicated modeler and texture artist.

Good luck and keep growing!

Sadly this work is pretty dated. I lost a lot of my created content from a while back. I’m literally restarting my portfolio again.

chaos emergency and pagio were working on a 3d horror game,

I have made a few templates for them and continue to write this kind of stuff.

it gets a little intimidating for artists when they don’t understand how their tools work, and I am still getting the hang of packaging things so they are artist friendly

I don’t know if this is still active, but I am looking for someone who can make some dinosaur models for a game I am making.