3D Modeler(s) wanted for animated series

Hello everyone.

I’m in need for a 3D Modeler (or Modelers) to finalize semi-realistic designs for seven human characters (whether by starting from the ground up or working off of some prototype models which may be provided) for a series currently in the works. Only design is necessary; rendering is not a concern at this moment.

I would also be happy to have people who can also rig the models to armatures appropriately so they can be animated later down the line, as well as UV Unwrapped for later texturing, but the modeling is more of a concern so far.

I can provide credit for work done, including IMDB credit if requested.

Additional details may be provided on request, including current concepts, visual treatment, and early works for reference.


Don’t know what level skills you need. If you are still looking you can check my works and contact me with more details if you are interested. Portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/aeph_veyniker Email: [email protected]

I don’t know any rigging.

Hello, If you are still looking I would be interested in potentially helping out. Here is a link to my ArtStaion https://www.artstation.com/jacobraymond

Hello! I am able and willing to model a family of semi-realistic human characters, add working armatures, and if required do some simple animation.
If you are interested in me as a specialist, you can check out my linkedin page