3D Modelers/Artists Needed to model Buildings, Nature and etc

Hello! The team at our start up company is made up of over a few people and we have been working on this project for over a year. We just need further assistance with modeling some buildings and other
evnriometnal objects from various references. The project is an action game. Currently, the work is all voluteerly.

Be sure to offer some work/resume you have done in the past!

Please reply to this thread and I’ll get back to you!

If you’re a company, why can’t you pay artists for the work?


*startup company, we currently don’t have a budget that can sustain a whole team currently, everyone has been working volunteer.

Sorry, but unless you can provide more information about this company and the benefits of working for you for free, I’ll shut down this topic. This doesn’t sound legit to me.

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Well said that man!