[3D Modelers] Needed for third person space shooter RPG

Hey guys,

We here at Enraged Studios have been working on developing a 3D third person shooter/ planet explorer for the past year. We are currently looking for some 3D Modelers to add to our team of developers.

Positions available—
(*)high demand

-*3D modeler- map assets (objects to bring the game world to life)
-*3D modeler- enemies/npc (animated npcs and mobs)
-*3D modeler- character designer (gear and customizable armor)

  • music composer
    -*texture artist (textures will look similar to “no man’s sky”)
  • programmer (unity)
  • concept artist (preferably computer drawn)

A little about the game-----

The player is placed on a barren planet in the far future after the collapse of the human empire. The gameplay is focused around a cinematic camera that captures the beauty of the surrounding world, and an over the shoulder camera for fast paced shooting action. The characters goal is to survive the elements of the many terrains they face, and to kill enemies to research their gear and upgrade it into something even better. Through trial and error, the player is constantly using problem solving skills to discover new ways of making things. The player will eventually be able to travel between different planets and uncover the secrets that reside within each.

If you have any questions about the content of the game or would like to apply please visit our website at http://www.enragedstudios.com/Apply.html

We look forward to working with you:)

I wouldn’t mind doing some modeling.

cool, if you’re interested please fill out an application at http://www.enragedstudios.com/Apply.html

Hey Guys,

We here at EnRAGEd Studios are building a diverse team of game developers to creat a vast third person, coverbased, planet explorer, RPG. We are currently recruiting 3D modelers as we need as many as we can get. We take in people with all skill sets. On our team we have some people who have just started learning, and some that have been in the business for over 20 years. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking to solidify their 3D modeling skills, and for those who want experience being in a team. Our goal is to create a great game that many people will enjoy playing.

Below are some of the 3D modeling tasks that we will need help with:

-Character modeling
-Humanoid Enemy Modeling (will include many species of aliens)
-Beast Enemy modeling (wild animals to green slimes)
-Robotic modeling (Mechs, sentries, companions)
-Vehicle Modeling (Hoverbikes, Spaceships)
-Weapon Modeling (guns, melee weapons)
-Clothing and armor modeling (very detailed character customization system)
-Map Assets (High Demand)
-Map Designing (Combat instances, Level design)
-and much more…

*If you wish to apply, please send an email to [email protected]
Email Format:
-Name (first and last)
-Previous experience
-Programs that you use

We look forward to working with you:)