[3D modelers needed] MMD-based fantasy animation series



DISCLAIMER: This is an unpaid job. We don’t have a budget; anyone involved is doing it exclusively for fun and/or to gain experience.

If you’re a fan of RWBY, you’re probably gonna like this: UNEXAMPLED is a character-driven high fantasy action adventure drama. Our goal is to create an action-packed, fun, touching, but also very emotionally charged story. And if script, music, animation and voice actors are anything to go by, we’re well on our way to succeed.

While most of us aren’t professionals, we’ve been working hard to make this series the very best it can possibly be. We got a crew together - writers, voice actors, composers - but the one thing we’re short on is modelers. There’s so much we need before we can start animating, prominently stages.

They don’t have to be super detailed. The animation style is rather simple, and so are the stages and props. We hope you become as passionate about this project as we are!

(Ach Abou) #2

I wanted to work on something like this forever

(Lincoln Deen) #3

Omg I love RWBY

(Lincoln Deen) #4

And would love to help with this project. Could you give me some more information on what’s needed, as well as the project as a whole?


Sure thing! I’ll PM the both of you with the details.

In the meantime, why not join our Discord? Everyone is welcome to join, but members of the production team (or just generally anyone who helps out) are granted extended access.


EDIT: I can’t find any PM option. Maybe this site doesn’t support it. Well, just join the Discord and give a quick introduction, then I’ll PM you there.


Tell me if the invite link doesn’t work. That happens from time to time. You can also just write your Discord name here and I’ll add you.

(david hart) #7

hi, if it’s not too late.
I have achieved a 2.1 in Computer Animation at Portsmouth University last year and I have spent these last few months refining some skills at the University of Dundee for a Masters Degree. During my time at Dundee I had sessions on new subjects such as storyboarding, scripting and concept art. With these skills and full of confidence and can adapt to any assignment that you task to me to do. I can also create animals like models if you want my to make grimms or any other fantasy creature.
I am a very reliable, focused, diligent person who always goes the extra mile to meet deadlines and can handle pressure better than most people. Also, I enjoy adding ideas and angles to story and characters. It is these values that I can bring for me to develop.
Here is my website at https://www.purpleplatypus.art/
If you want to get know me better just contact me with my email address which is [email protected]purpleplatypus.art

Regards Rob

(Cristiano) #8

I’d really like to join this project

I can put maybe 2 hours in week days but I have plenty of time in the weekends.



That’d be great! Can you send a portfolio of sorts? My Discord is Gui#0461

(Cristiano) #10