3D Modeling and Digital Painting WIP

I have begun work on a simple scene involving a space shuttle following the work flow found in the Blend and Paint Blender DVD. I am going to post pics of the work that I have done so far and request that you guys give me some feedback on how I can increase the quality of my model and artwork itself. Thanks.


I’m a newbie myself, but it seems to me it would help if you posted a wire frame of your model ?

Also, are you working from reference, or making it up as you go along ?

How do i render a wireframe, I can’t seem to figure out how to do it.

The easiest for display purposes it to use a single square image texture mapped to UV in your material, and just use regular Unwrap so all the faces line up to the square. Make it a solid white square with a colored border, and the colored border should line up to your edges for rendering. Much easier than the old way of duplicating your mesh and using a Z offset for a wire material.

I’ve never been good at UV Unwrapping. I haven’t learned everything considering I’m self taught, maybe you can help me out a bit. Heres the .blend


BlendandPaintTut.blend (704 KB)


Here is a revised file with a simple material and unwrap to get the wire render showing. I think you had unwrapped parts of the mesh at one point, because they already appeared to be placed in the Image Editor view when I selected them and swapped to edit mode. If that is the case, you will need to use your original project file for the continuing UV image painting.

I found it useful!

Ok I finally figured it out. Thanks a lot for the help, and here is my topology. Now if someone could please help me with the design, This ship is going to be flying around a mountain and this is just the 3D model, I will be going over with digital paint. I’m just trying to make the design more fluid and believable so this is a more realistic shot, for some reason the wings seem to be unproportional but I need someone else’s opinion.

Please and Thank You for your feedback.


Here is some of the scenery I am working on as well.


Are you only modeling so far, and then painting the rest? If so, there is a lot you can do once you start painting as far as the ship goes, so i wouldn’t sweat it too much. If you are needing to model a lot of detail, then I would look up the posts on space ships to see the greebling they do for the extra details. I would also suggest leveling some of the angles along the fuselage - I see they are all at a jagged line, and it doesn’t seem to me that there is a purpose in it. All the good designs I have seen all seem to have some fictional utility to their design, which makes it believable. The wings are fine as far as I can tell, just might need some cool details to define them with.

Hmm what method would you reccomend for easing out the shape of the ship without changing the overall shape or deforming it?

I would use the snapping functions to force the necessary verts to follow the edge of a cube rotated to the desired angle - that way, you don’t have to delete anything from your existing work, just move it around. I would look at making it look like it could be built for real, like the parts “go together” in a factory or something.

I used the snapping functions and made the fuselage a little bit more rounded a believable rather than so blocky. And it will look a whole lot more realistic and like the pieces fit together once I paint through. The scaled edges along the fuselage are their to act as a marker for where the breaks in the ships armor will be. So far I have this and the land created that I am going to use for the scene. Is there anything else I could add to the scene before I begin painting to make it more believable?


I would just paint :slight_smile: You have the view the way you want it, so go for it!

Mountains and ship look good at first sight. You can still add details when painting. :wink:

However also think about composition before you start painting. I feel like the left part of your image is kinda empty. Nothing special there. And on the right we have 2 important subjects: the mountain top and the ship. The easiest way to solve this is just to move the camera a little to the right, so the ship is in the upper right focus point (check out “Rule of thirds” if you don’t know what I mean). This way your painting will be more balanced. Additionally you could also move the mountains a little, so you don’t have two important subjects too close to each other. Oh well, just try things out and see for yourself. :wink:

After taking your advice into consideration BeirreBibber, I decided that my picture could do with a bit of tweaking to make it a bit more eventful and I added a depth of field to the camera and shifted the scene, added another ship and this was the result.

The kind of shot I am looking for is one that gives off the idea that the ships are traveling at a fast rate of speed. I want the camera to be focused onto the ship, and the second ship and background to be out of focus. I was hoping someone could help me get the right effect, I am using compositing nodes with a defocus filter on. Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated. Here is the scene so far.


There sure is more action in the image, but it’s still hard to read the picture. At first sight I was thinking: what are those dark areas in the back? A sec later, I realized it were those mountains. I think it’s because of the missing horizon and the fact that humans are not used to look at mountain from that angle.

Although I suppose it could work (like in this one), as long as there’s enough contrast (in color for example) between the ships and the mountains. :slight_smile:

I agree with BeirreBibber! A great resource of knowledge and inspiration is Feng Zhu’s tutorial page: http://www.fengzhudesign.com/tutorials.htm . He covers those important things (composition, “does-it-read?”, selling point, value, contrast, etc) over and over again, especially if you watch those from the first. I think watching just a couple of them will give you great ideas for your project :slight_smile:

Well, I would agree except for one point - this is supposed to be a composition for paint over, so it shouldn’t be too centered on the rendering unless you abandon that angle and go to strictly 3d modeling and rendering and then paint over that result. I would render my ship to one image, the background to another, load them into gimp as layers and get after it. But this is Kain Aldar’s thread.

That is what I plan on doing Craig. I’m just trying to get a feel for how exactly I want this piece to be. A little bit of experimentation. But regardless the painting begins today. I’ll try and have a pic posted tonight.

Thanks for the link Fax, and for the pic Bierre, these will really help with the project. I believe if I do have enough contrast in the painting that it will make the angle believable and the action palapable.